VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop
VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop is available in stock in Hook 88 and Loop 1000 series materials in a variety of different widths. Choose from white, beige, or black in the sew quality material, with a SPECTRUM 0172 Acrylic-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, or a 0115 Rubber-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. We also have VELCOIN® Hook & Loop Coins and can special order a wide variety of specialty hook & loop materials.
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VELCRO<sup>®</sup>  Brand Hook 88 and Loop 1000 Sew Quality
VELCRO® Brand Sew-Quality Hook & Loop Tapes are manufactured by a precise and refined weaving process which ensures uniformity of dimensions and construction. The products listed below are VELCRO® Brand's basic woven nylon hook and loop tapes for sewing applications: Hook 88 and Loop 1000. This hook & loop ..
VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand Hook 88 and Loop 1000 with 0115 PSA
VELCRO® Brand 0115 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is a rubber-based PSA with a medium temperature range for use in applications requiring fast production turnaround such as packaging, medical, and toys.  This adhesive has a light cream color and may show through on white tape.   Aggressive, high-tack, quic..
VELCRO<sup>®</sup>  Brand Hook 88 and Loop 1000 with 0172 PSA
VELCRO® Brand 0172 Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive is an acrylic PSA with high temperature performance and superior bond strength for uses in automotive, computer, medical, and other industries.Moderate tack, medium set-up High temperature use - operating range of 0 to 225 F High strength Achieves full bond strength in..
VELCRO<sup>®</sup> Brand VELSTRETCH<sup>®</sup> Stretch Loop
VELCRO® Brand VELSTRETCH® is an elastic loop nylon based material offering a 55% elongation. Its strength and durability coincides well within sports and medical applications.  It also provides a soft plush backing that works well against the skin. VELSTRETCH ® pairs well with all standard Hooks inc..
VELCRO<sup>®</sup>  Brand VELCOIN<sup>®</sup>  Fasteners with 0172 PSA
VELCOIN® Brand Fasteners are pre-cut, circular pieces of VELCRO® Brand Hook 88 and Loop 1000 fasteners on a peel-off backing.  Rounded corners mean easy assembly & no more lifted edges. Hook and Loop components sold separately Roll size is 25 yards; coin counts vary by size 0172 PSA is acrylic bas..
VELCRO<sup>®</sup>  Brand ONE-WRAP<sup>®</sup> Self-Gripping Tape Fasteners
ONE-WRAP® Fastening Tape is unique back-to-back fastening system from Velcro USA.  Featuring hook material on one side and loop material on the other side so when it is wrapped around an object, it attaches to itself. **Now featuring 4 new colors that match fiber optic cables!** Reusable and flexible - ideal ..
VELCRO<sup>®</sup>  Brand ONE-WRAP<sup>®</sup> Self-Gripping Die-Cut Straps
ONE-WRAP® Die-Cut Straps are a pre-made strapping version of Velcro USA's popular ONE-WRAP® back-to-back fastening system. These straps wrap around objects to be bundled or controlled; the remaining strap tip attaches back onto itself for a neat and secure closure without buckles or hardware. Ideal for cord and cable ..
VELCRO<sup>®</sup>  Brand Rapid-Strap<sup>®</sup> Kits
VELCRO® Brand Rapid-Strap® Kits create straps at any length without sewing! Enjoy the convenience of customizing your straps on the spot to your required application. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!1. Cut the loop material to length.2. Secure the tip on one end of the loop strapping.3. Finish the strap by engaging the d-ring..
ULTRA-MATE<sup>®</sup> Brand HTH Hook
Choose between nylon or polyethylene material. Available in white, beige, or black in nylon; and white, beige, natural, or black in polyethylene. 25 yards per roll. Minimums may apply.Sizes: 5/8",3/4",1",1.5",2",4" Nylon Colors: White, Beige, Black Polyethylene Colors: White, Beige, Natural, Black..
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