Specialty Knives
WBC Industries is a distributor of C.S. Osborne specialty knife tools perfect for a variety of different uses. They are made from high quality materials for strength and durability.
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Square Point Knife - #76
The finest quality knife with round plantation tropical hardwood handle, brass ferrule. Widely used in many industries. Steel blade and made to last...
Square Point Knife - #76.5
Features a white hardwood handle that is somewhat shorter and heavier than in the #76. Has a strong steel blade made to last. Similar to the #76 but with a shorter handle...
Square Point Knife with Safety Guard #77
This product is the same as the 76.5 Square Point Knife, but furnished with a safety guard...
Broad Point Knife #78
Round polished hardwood handle and steel blade.Handle: WoodBlade: Steel..
Bevel Point Skiving Knife #479
Used for skiving and edge trimming on leather and similar materials. Plated ferrule and lacquered hardwood handle...
Skiving Knife #469
Extra quality. Features a special design for skiving. Plated ferrule. Item # 469-A (for right hand) Item # 469-B (for left hand)..
The Skife #925
Makes a remarkably easy job of skiving leather and other materials. Increases both speed and accuracy. This essential tool is fitted with a special razor blade. Ideal for restoration work. Extra blades available. (NO. 925-100)..
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