Rivet Setter Tools
WBC Industries is a distributor of Rivet Setters & Tools from C.S. Osborne. These high quality tools are made from the finest materials for strength and durability.
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Riveting Hammer #57
The Riveting Hammer features drop forged steel, highly polished head and hickory handle...
Rivet Setters #170
How to use: Choose the setter with a hole diameter slightly larger than the rivet being set. Sizes for #170 correspond with popular 8, 9, and 10 copper rivets. Push the rivet through the hole then turn the material over. Place burr on rivet, then use the rivet setting tool's straight hole to drive the burr down tight ..
Snap Setter with Snaps
An easy to use hand snap set. Snaps are nickel plated brass. Set comes with 25 complete #20 or #24 size snaps, flaring tool and two dies (concave and stud). Total weight is 11 oz. Item # K-230-24 (comes with #24 size snaps - cap diameter 14.8mm) Item # K-230-20 (comes with #20 size snaps - cap diameter 12.4mm )..
Common Edge Tool #125
Easily bevels and rounds off edges of straps and all soft leather. Polished, American hardwood maple handle with brass ferrule...
Outside Caliper #112
Fully polished with a max opening of 28 1/4" and a weight of 5 oz...
Cutting Nipper #301
End cutting nipper, compound leverage with spring return. Total length is 7 3/8" and weight is 10 oz...
Diagonal Cutting Nipper #3377
Solid tough nipper for cutting wire, nails, etc. Features plastic grips...
Shoemaker's Pincer #93
Shoemaker's heel pincers or carpenter's pincers. Forged steel polished jaws. Cutting edge outside flush cut, inside bevel cut. Weight is 11 oz...
Aluminum Straight Edge Ruler
One edge for standard measurements, one edge for metric. Sturdy and wide - just right for making selvage edge of cloth. Scales etched in black on silver background, one side only. Finish anodized for permanence. Hole punched on one end for hanging display.Length: 36"Width: 1.5"Thickness: 1/8"Weight: 9 oz..
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