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Mini-Punch Set K-157

Mini-Punch Set K-157
Mini-Punch Set K-157

The Mini Punch Set is specialized for cutting small, precise holes in soft materials where throated or plier punches won't reach. Set features a round handle with slot inside to clear punchings. Handle is threaded to accommodate the seven replaceable screw tubes.

Use punches on a wood or plastic cutting block or the C.S. Osborne # 603 Cutting Pad. To apply pressure, use of a C.S. Osborne wooden or rawhide mallet, or rawhide maul is recommended. Not recommended for use with a steel hammer.

1 of each of the following sizes in each Mini Punch Set, also includes 1 handle:

Tube Size: "0" - 5/64","1" - 3/32","2" - 7/64","3" - 1/8","4" - 5/32","5" - 11/64","6" - 3/16"

Weight Per Set: 8 oz. - Replacement tubes also available see item CS153T and specify tube size

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