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Zipper Chain & Pulls

  1. Zipper Chain

    Features a polyester coil chain and comes per spool. Available sizes vary per color. Please note that our Zipper Chain works great with our Zipper Pulls, we cannot guarantee that Zipper Pulls from other manufacturers will go with our Zipper Chains.

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  2. Zipper Pulls

    Zipper Pulls come in two styles, Pin Lock or Long Pull. The Pin Lock "locks" into place when in the flat position so that the zipper chain will not unzip until the pull is pulled upon. This style zipper is great for and most commonly seen on pants. The long pull does not lock into place and makes it easy to zip on-zip off. Commonly seen on jackets and gym bags where a quick zip is needed.

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"I have been using WBC Industries hook and loop products for about 15 years. They have always been courteous, prompt and fair with their service. I wish that all of my suppliers were like WBC in those crucial areas of customer service. Thank you for our long lasting business relationship."

- Mike C. at Beach Table, Inc.