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  1. Polypropylene

    Polypropylene webbing is available in a variety of different colors in our lightweight version. Heavyweight is available in white or black. This webbing is typically what is seen on duffel bag handles and backpack straps.

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  2. Nylon

    Nylon webbing is available in lightweight or heavyweight. Perfect for all applications including pet collars and leashes.

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  3. Cotton

    Cotton webbing is available in lightweight or heavyweight in white, natural, or black. Choose from a variety of different sizes. Great breathable material for your strap applications.

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  4. Dacron

    Dacron webbing is made from 100% polyester. Choose from a variety of sizes in white, black, or beige. Extremely strong and durable and great for all strap applications.

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  5. Camouflage Print

    Camouflage Print Webbing is available in 3/4", 1", or 1.5" and comes in 50 yard rolls. Sold per roll.

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  6. 4-Panel Polyester Bracing

    Featuring a finish that is smoother than Dacron, this 4-Panel Polyester Bracing Webbing is available in 1.5" in white or black. Can be ordered in 50 yard rolls or there are also 5 yard sample rolls available for purchase.

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  7. Ribbed Nylon

    100% nylon webbing that features high strength and durability. Has a 1,900 lbs. breaking strength and is available in 1.5" and 2" in white.

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  8. Speciality Webbings

    WBC carries a variety of specialty webbings in different types, textures, sizes, and breaking strengths. If you need something unique, check here.

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  9. Woven Imprinted

    Webbings with woven imprints are available in 5 styles and 27 different colors. Choose from Cord, Classic, Gold, Premium, and Platinum font types. Great to imprint your company, team, or event name.

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  10. Printed Webbings

    We can print any logo, design, or pattern of your choice on polyester webbing. Four types of webbing to choose from. Provide us with your image and we can put it on webbing through our die sublimation process. Made in the USA!

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"I ordered from WBC Industries again because of your great product, price and service. Thank you as well for the speedy turn around. In business no one can support large stock piles of raw materials to make our products. Your staff and company makes it possible to be lean and timely."

- Alice from Michigan