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  1. Knitted Elastic

    Knitted Elastic is the thinnest elastic we carry with the most stretch capacity. When stretched, this material is semi-transparent if held up to the light. Great for all general purpose elastic applications. Comes on 50 yard rolls but sold in 100 yard increments in white or black.

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  2. Woven Elastic

    Woven Elastic is our thicker elastic that has the least stretch capacity. If held up to the light and stretched, it is not semi-transparent like the knitted elastic. Comes in white or black in a variety of different sizes. Roll size is 50 yards but it is sold in 100 yard increments.

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  3. Braided Elastic

    Braided Elastic is available in white or black in 144 yard rolls. It features a high stretch capacity that when stretched, the width becomes smaller. This elastic is not semi-transparent when stretched.

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  4. Heavy Woven Elastic

    The Heavy Woven Elastic is a strong polyester elastic with a 0.075" thickness and about a 70% stretch capacity. It is available in 1" in 24 colors, or 3/4", 1", 1.5", and 2" in black.

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  5. Shock Cord

    Shock Cord is available in black or white with black stripes in a variety of different diameters. Cord is constructed with continuous strands of latex rubber with a cover made from polypropylene or nylon material.

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"I recently placed my first order with WBC Industries and was very pleased with the ease of the ordering process as well as the quick arrival time. Amanda was very nice and seemed to really care about helping me find the best product for my needs. Overall, experience with WBC Industries has been wonderful, Thank you!"

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