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Sewing Supplies

  1. Nylon Sewing Thread

    Nylon Sewing Thread is available in 15 different colors. Featuring a twisted multifilament thread made from continuous filaments of nylon that have been twisted together and then plied to hold the fibers together. Has a bonded finish for better ply security and abrasion resistance. Can be used on sewing applications that involve leather or canvas.

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  2. Polyester UV Thread

    Need thread that will stand up to UV light? WBC Industries distributes SunStop® Polyester Thread featuring 100% polyester filament with advanced protection against degradation and fade. Choose from Tex # T-90 or T-135 in 16 different colors.

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  3. Prewound Bobbins

    Offering prewound bobbins for sewing machines in 7 different styles. Comes in white or black in styles A, H, I, L, and M. Comes in white, black, and beige in style G and in black in style 19. Bobbin thread is a bonded 69 nylon thread and they are sold per box. Box contains a gross (144 bobbins).

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