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Grommets, Washers, & Setter Tools

Grommets, Washers, & Setter Tools

Grommets and Washers are available in a variety of different sizes in brass, nickel, or black finish. Choose from plain grommets and washers, teeth washers, self-piercing grommets and washers, and rolled rim grommets with spur washers. We also carry hand tool kits to set plain and rolled rim grommets.  NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME: Free Hand Setting Tool Kit with Purchase of 20 Gross of Grommets and Free Shipping on Grommet Orders of $50+.


  • Plain Sheet Metal Grommet

    Plain Sheet Metal Grommets

    General purpose grommets. Choose from Brass, Nickel, or Black Finish.
  • Plain Washer

    Plain Washers

    To be used with Plain Sheet Metal Grommets (Sold Separately). Choose from Brass, Nickel, or Black Finish.
  • Teeth Washer

    Teeth Washers

    Available in 6 sizes to be used with our Plain Sheet Metal Grommets, comes in Brass, Nickel, or Black Finish.
  • Rolled Rim Grommet and Spur Washer

    Rolled Rim Grommets

    Rolled Rim Grommets come with Spur Washers in Brass, Nickel or Black Finish.
  • Rolled Rim Grommet & Spur Washer

    Spur Washers

    Come with Rolled Rim Grommets in Brass, Nickel, or Black Finish.
  • Self-Piercing Grommet & Washer

    Self-Piercing Grommets

    Comes with Washers (See Self-Piercing Washers), Brass, Nickel, or Black Finish.
  • Poly Mallet

    Poly Mallet

    Shock absorbing mallet minimizes bounce back.
  • Hickory Mallet

    Hickory Mallet

    The Hickory Mallet features a solid hickory lacquered handle.
  • Black Rubber Mallet

    Black Rubber Mallet

    The Black Rubber Mallet can be used without fear of marring metal parts.
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