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Glue Dots® Closeout

  1. Glue Dots® Closeout Sale

    CLOSEOUT SALE! Glue Dots® Brand Adhesive Products come in Low, Medium, and High profile thickness options and Low, Medium, High, or Super High tack strengths. In most cases, Super High Tack creates a permanent bond, while Low or Medium Tacks are considered removable. Choose from 1/4", 1/2", or 3/4" dots.

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  2. Dot Shot® Pro Closeout Sale

    CLOSEOUT SALE!  The Dot Shot® Pro is an adhesive dot dispenser gun that is designed to apply a single Glue Dot or dozens of them in one easy motion. Use on packaging, material handling, printing, manufacturing, gift baskets, and so much more! Choose below from the Dot Shot® Pro Adhesive Dispenser or the Glue Dots® for the Dot Shot® Pro.

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