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Welding & Sewing Capabilities

Welding & Sewing Capabilities

WBC has the ability to assemble straps with either ultrasonic welding or sewing. Both yield a great strong result when using either one for hook and loop straps. Since ultrasonic welding can be done a lot faster than sewing, costs associated with welding are generally lower than sewing. Depending on what materials will be used in your strap and how your strap will be used determines if it is better to weld or sew.
You have two choices in custom fabrication when it comes to assembly:
ultrasonic welding and full-service sewing.

Ultrasonic Welding
Ultrasonic welding is the merging of two pieces of material in less than one second, using pressure and vibration-generated heat, to effectively re-mold the materials into one piece.  You know those impossible-to-open blister packs that electronics come in?  That's ultrasonic welding.  Ours looks a little different because we use different tooling on our machine, but the process is basically the same.  Ultrasonic welding is a clean and efficient process that consumes very little energy, and it results in a very strong weld.

This type of welding works well on all of our standard nylon hook and loop products, and it can also be used on our polypropylene webbings. All of our welding is calibrated and tested at the beginning of each job, and then periodically re-tested during the job. We use ultrasonic welding on the majority of our hook & loop straps, but sewn straps are also available upon request.

Full-Service Sewing Facilities
Sewing is also available for your small piece projects or components, on one of our professionally-operated or computerized machines. We typically work with webbings such as Dacron & polypropylene, hook & loop based materials like C-Fold, and various elastics.

Most custom sewing jobs are done on a single-needle industrial sewing machine, where our professionally trained operators have full control over the machine and the material. This service includes zig-zag, serging, merrow, and straight stitching, all hand-crafted by people with years of experience and great attention to detail.

We also use a computerized sewing machine for smaller jobs—up to 3" x 3" in size—such as our original-design AFO Pads. In this process, the operator puts two pieces of material together, slides them into place in the machine, and the computer guides the needle in a predetermined pattern and cuts off excess thread. This service is best for large volume orders of small sewn items, such as a 2" x 3" face strap with an "X" stitched onto it.

Sewing is primarily used for custom orders where welding is not an option because of material compatibility, such as on our C-Fold Strap Kits, but it can be requested on any custom strapping job.

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