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Straight-Cut, Slit, or Mated Cut Pieces

Straight-Cut, Slit, or Mated Cut Pieces

Wheather you need to slit down material to a width that is not a stocked width, or if you need cut pieces at a custom length, we can usually turn around these types of orders rather quickly. We also offer mated hook & loop pieces, in which the hook & loop come cut and mated together. Since mating is done by hand, this type of service is at a higher cost than just cutting. Straight-Cutting of any sew quality hook & loop material is FREE!

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Hook and Loop

Did you know that all of our custom cutting jobs are started within 24 hours of the time you order?

How long it'll be before your job is completed just depends on how large the order is.
For convenience and efficiency, both sew-on and adhesive-backed hook and loop tapes can be ordered cut to any length from 1/8" up to 144".

Most hook and loop products can also be slit down to any width you'd like as small as 1/4" wide, simply by cutting off the edges of a wider material. This service is useful for jobs that require an unusual width of hook & loop tape, or those which require material without selvage. And you won't have to worry about the loop unraveling after it's been slit, because the loops are individually woven into the backing material.

Hook and loop can also be mated—hook and loop engaged—before they are cut to your specified size. Because of the way our mating process works, kiss-cutting and mating are not available together on the same custom job. Adhesive-backed hook and loop can certainly be cut after it's mated, but the cut will go through both pieces of material and their Mylar backings.

Both of these services are available for straight cutting only; if you're interested in bullet tips or any other shape, see our die-cutting page for more information.

To request any of these services, just mention it in your quote request and we'll include the pricing with your quote.

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