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Score & Kiss-Cut Pieces

Score & Kiss-Cut Pieces

WBC can "Score" or "Kiss-Cut" our WBC Brand or VELCRO® Brand hook & loop materials with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) to your specifications. These cutting options make it great for efficiency in production assembly situations. Rather than ending up with separate pieces cut, these options allow for each piece cleanly coming off from one release liner.

Scored Pieces of Hook and Loop
Scored Pieces

Hook and loop backed with pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) can be scored for ideal in-house assembly—cut to specified lengths but left on the release liner, as shown in the top of the picture to the left. We use a rotary die cutter to make a precise cut at a specified length, without losing any material from the roll.

Our machines are precisely calibrated to cut all the way through the material and adhesive without touching the Mylar release liner backing. All you'll have to do is peel a section of material off the roll—no more messing around with scraps of liner paper!

Kiss Cut Pieces of Hook and Loop
"Kiss-Cut" Pieces

Similarly, we can "kiss-cut" custom shapes out of PSA-backed hook and loop without cutting into the liner, as shown in the bottom of the picture. This is also done with our rotary die cutter, and we have a wide selection of shapes available for your project. The excess material is simultaneously taken off by our machine as it cuts, so all you're left with is a roll of clean, precise forms

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"We recently used WBC Industries to custom cut velcro for us. Cheryl was incredibly responsive and helpful during our inquiry, order processing and follow-up and the product we received was exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend this company. Thank you, WBC, for your superior customer service and product!"

- Michele from Denver, CO