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Hook Tips

Hook Tips

WBC can custom cut hook tips for hook & loop straps to specific shapes and sizes. Choose one from our list of most common types of hook tips, or create your own! Hook tips can make your strap more functional, easier to use, or give it the aesthetics you are looking for.


As part of our custom fabrication services, hook tips for your custom straps can be die-cut into a variety of shapes.   Four of our most popular shapes are shown below:

EZ-Peel Tab
EZ-Peel Tab: Hook folded onto itself & welded together.

Half Round Hook Tab

Bullet Hook Tip
Bullet Tip

So why choose one type of hook tip or the other for your design?
The advantage of the straight tip is pricing: since nothing needs to be die-cut, you save on the cost of your strap design. With an EZ-Peel Tab, the advantage is that the end user will be able to easily grip the end of the strap for adjustments or removal. The other two options—half-round and bullet tip—are simply aesthetic choices, and that's totally up to you.

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