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Custom Fabrication & Assembly

  1. Straight-Cut, Slit, or Mated Cut Pieces

    Wheather you need to slit down material to a width that is not a stocked width, or if you need cut pieces at a custom length, we can usually turn around these types of orders rather quickly. We also offer mated hook & loop pieces, in which the hook & loop come cut and mated together. Since mating is done by hand, this type of service is at a higher cost than just cutting. Straight-Cutting of any sew quality hook & loop material is FREE!

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  2. Score & Kiss-Cut Pieces

    WBC can "Score" or "Kiss-Cut" our WBC Brand or VELCRO® Brand hook & loop materials with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) to your specifications. These cutting options make it great for efficiency in production assembly situations. Rather than ending up with separate pieces cut, these options allow for each piece cleanly coming off from one release liner.

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  3. Die-Cutting

    WBC has you covered with all your die cutting needs. We can use our materials and custom die-cut them to your exact specifications. Wheather your shape is simple or complex, we can use your drawing to make a die and then use the custom die on all of your future orders.

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  4. Hook Tips

    WBC can custom cut hook tips for hook & loop straps to specific shapes and sizes. Choose one from our list of most common types of hook tips, or create your own! Hook tips can make your strap more functional, easier to use, or give it the aesthetics you are looking for.

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  5. Welding & Sewing Capabilities

    WBC has the ability to assemble straps with either ultrasonic welding or sewing. Both yield a great strong result when using either one for hook and loop straps. Since ultrasonic welding can be done a lot faster than sewing, costs associated with welding are generally lower than sewing. Depending on what materials will be used in your strap and how your strap will be used determines if it is better to weld or sew.

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  6. Custom Hook and Loop Straps

    Our hook and loop straps can be customized to any specifications of length, width and color, and ultrasonically welded or stitched. A wide variety of general-purpose metal and plastic hardware is available including buckles, wire forms, swivel hooks, suspender clips, and adjusters.

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  7. Custom Printing

    Crisp, clear pad printing is available on the back side of our hook & loop tapes, and even on custom straps. Whether we're printing your custom logo or simply a name or phone number, you have two choices, a one color or a two color print.

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  8. Packaging

    Need packaging for your custom work? Upon placing an order for your custom straps, you may also specify how you would like it packaged. Although we have poly bags here to bag your products, more specific packaging must be provided by the customer. Detailed packaging options come at an additional charge.

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Products & Services

"I ordered from WBC Industries again because of your great product, price and service. Thank you as well for the speedy turn around. In business no one can support large stock piles of raw materials to make our products. Your staff and company makes it possible to be lean and timely."

- Alice from Michigan