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Hammers, Mauls, & Mallets

Hammers, Mauls, & Mallets

C.S. Osborne Hammers, Mauls, & Mallets are great for a variety of specialty uses including leather work, riveting, and jobs where scarring is a concern.
  • Riveting Hammer

    Riveting Hammer

    The Riveting Hammer features drop forged steel, highly polished head and hickory handle.
  • Split Head Hammer - Rawhide Face

    Split Head Hammer

    Available in three sizes and 4 different face types.
  • Rawhide Mallet

    Rawhide Mallet

    Lightweight mallet available in 7 sizes for use on applications to avoid scarring.
  • Poly Mallet

    Poly Mallet

    Shock absorbing mallet minimizes bounce back.
  • Rawhide Maul

    Rawhide Mauls

    Rawhide Mauls come in 6 different sizes and provide maximum durability and shock absorbance.
  • Barrel Shaped Hickory Mallet

    Barrel Shaped Hickory Mallet

    A solid mallet made of hickory featuring a well balanced and nicely finished lacquered handle.
  • Shoe Hammer

    Shoe Hammer

    The Shoe Hammer is great to use in leatherwork for a variety of applications.
  • Leather Working Hammer

    Leather Working Hammer

    The Leather Working Hammer is great for use on pocket books, belts, shoes, luggage, saddles, and small leather goods.
  • The Fitters' Hammer

    Fitters' Hammer

    The Fitters' Hammer is great for pounding seams and smoothing leather.
  • The Saddler's Hammer

    Saddler's Hammer

    The Saddler's Hammer features oval walnut handle riveted through the steel shank.
  • The Glazier & Picture Frame Hammer

    Glazier & Picture Frame Hammer

    The Glazier & Picture Frame Hammer features accurately finished sides and face for square striking.
  • The Wood Heel Hammer

    Wood Heel Hammer

    The Wood Heel Hammer features a fully polished head made from forged steel and a claw on one end.
  • Magnetic Tack Hammers

    Magnetic Tack Hammers

    The Magnetic Tack Hammers feature forge steel heads that are carefully hardened and fully polished.
  • Popular Magnetic Tack Hammer

    Popular Magnetic Tack Hammer

    The Popular Magnetic Tack Hammer features a fully polished split head made from forged steel and a hickory handle.
  • Riveting Hammer with Octagon Head

    Riveting Hammer - Octagon Head

    The Riveting Hammer with Octagon Head is a standard size 3 hammer featuring a head made from drop forged, fine quality alloy steel.
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