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Binding Material

  1. Bias Binding

    Bias Binding in a Polyester Cotton Broad Cloth is available that is perfect for finishing edges of textile materials. This material can be slit to any width and can be purchased in 1,000 yard increments. Features a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend.

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  2. Picot Edge Bias Binding

    Picot Edge Bias Binding features a decorative crochet frill edge. Material is the same as our regular bias binding, which is composed of a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. 100% American made with a thread count of 96 x 56. Comes in 1/2" double fold style in over 120 different colors.

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  3. Piping Edge Bias Binding

    The Piping Edge Bias Binding features a cord-edge fold style using our regular bias binding material and soft internal piping. Available in three sizes with finished widths of 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4". It is 100% American made and composed of a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. Thread count is 96 x 56 and comes in over 120 different colors.

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  4. Grosgrain Binding

    Grosgrain Binding is available in 3/4" or 1" in white or black that can be used to bind unfinished edging on any type of textile material. Whether you need to protect the edges of frayable materials or give a rough edging some softness, this binding may work well with your application. Binding comes on 100 yard spools.

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  5. Flag Header Binding

    Heavy 7.5 oz Duck or Twill Fabric cut and folded into 2" double fold material. Comes in a bright optical white and is 100% American made. The fabric is woven with strong yarns to ensure long lasting grommet hold. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 yards.

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