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Additional Strap Options

  1. Hook & Loop Industrial Cinch Straps

    Hook & Loop Industrial Cinch Straps Backed with Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing for extra strength and durability are available in stock in 4 different sizes. They can be used indoors or outdoors for all types of industrial applications that require bundling or wrapping.

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  2. Made in USA Labels

    Do you manufacture a product that is made in the United States? Promote it! WBC carries "Made in USA" labels that come in five styles.

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  3. Tagging Gun & Accessories

    Features attachments that are made of the highest quality plastic, and are created with the operator in mind. Attachments have a unique “Clean Cut Taper,” which significantly reduces the amount of plastic the user must cut through during the tagging process. They cut cleanly and evenly, greatly reducing jamming and hand & wrist stress.

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Products & Services

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