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Custom Fabrication | Orthotics & Prosethetics

Custom Fabrication

With your ideas and our expertise, the possibilities for custom O & P straps are endless!

We have years of experience in the Orthotic & Prosthetic industries, fabricating custom straps for just about any application you can think of. We've even done custom pads for various types of braces.

Need some ideas? Check out some of our own strap designs or our ever-popular AFO Pads.

If you have an idea for a custom fabrication job and you'd like a quote,
call us at 800-818-2932 or simply fax a drawing to 908-232-5219.


"Fantastic Product and Exemplary Customer Service! Amanda at WBC was the quickest to respond, was the friendliest and most professional, AND had the best pricing to boot! ...We went with WBC for the job and are absolutely THRILLED with their work!"

- Anna Jones, Anna & Eve LLC - Baby Product Manufacturer