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FAQ | Custom Fabrication

Q:  I have a great idea, but I need advice. Can you help me develop my product?
We don't provide product development services, but if you have specific questions about which material would be best for your application, give us a call. We can provide small samples of various materials so that you can build a prototype or perform product testing.

Q:  Is there a minimum quantity on custom fabrication orders?
No, but the more pieces you buy, the better your pricing will be. Plus, you'll save on shipping costs by placing one big order rather than several small orders, so it just makes sense to order as much as you can the first time around.

Q:  How long will I have to wait for my custom order to be produced?
That will depend on how big your order is, and how busy our production facility is that week. However, a general guideline is that custom work is usually completed within two weeks.

Q:  I've never ordered custom items before. What do I need to do?
First you'll need to have an idea of what it is you want to make, and what it should be composed of. Will it be a strap made of hook and loop? Will you need a buckle attached, or a hole punched at one end? More information on each type of material is available on the individual product pages, and samples are available to order upon request for testing purposes. Next you'll need to decide what the exact dimensions will be, and how many you'll need to order. Then you can e-mail or call us for a quote and an estimated delivery time.

Q:  How can I clearly explain what I want?
The best way is to send us a sample so we'll be able to see exactly what you're talking about, and we'll quote you from there. The other option is to send us a drawing of your item with all of the specifications, such as what the material would be, the exact dimensions, type of hardware, color, etc. And remember, you can always call us to discuss any questions you may have about a custom order or quote.


"Thank you very much for your fantastic service and communication. The swivels are EXACTLY what I wanted. "

- Victoria from New Zealand